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Tasty Shonai Airport

As a gateway to the Shonai area in Yamagata Prefecture, Shonai Airport is used by many business travelers as well as tourists.

Flight Information(Shonai ⇔ Haneda)

For telephone inquiries,ANA:0570-029-222
◆ Departing Flights
【Shonai to Haneda】
Flight #ShonaiHaneda
ANA394 07:10 08:15
ANA396 08:45 09:50
ANA398 12:50 13:55
ANA400 17:45 18:50
◆ Arriving Flights
【Haneda to Shonai】
Flight #HanedaShonai
ANA393 06:55 07:55
ANA395 11:05 12:05
ANA397 15:55 16:55
ANA399 20:20 21:20
※ Depending on a period and a day of the week, flights may be canceled.
  For details, please contact the airline company.

Tourist Information on Shonai » Information is also available at the Information Corner on the 1st floor.