Watarai Honten Brewery (Dewanoyuki Shuzo)



Kura History
Watarai Honten Brewery (also known as Dewanoyuki) is located in Tsuruoka, the heart of Shonai country, in northern Japan,
an area long referred to as "Dewa no Kuni."

We were established around 1620 , Dewanoyuki is currently one of the oldest kuras in our neighborhood.

Our incumbent president is the 17th president of Watarai Honten.

We have won Gold Prizes four times in a row at the prestigious National New Sake tasting competitions.

We are so proud of these accomplishments that we promise to work even harder for higher achievement.


The Sake

Our sake is fragrant and lively, layered and complex.

Each of our sake, from our affordable sake to the top of the line, DAIGINJO,
has its (own unique and distinguishing) features and qualities.
Some is more quiet, some is fruity and fragrant. But still yet all maintain the basic qualities extracted with great rice,
great water, and excellent yeast.

Toji and Kurabito
Our toji (head brewer), Toshihito Watarai is the Presidentfs eldest son,

and the youngest son Toshio is working together with him.
Managing director Toshihito became our toji in 2003 after four years training.
They have brought such honor of Gold Prizes in the National New Sake tasting competitions to our brewery.
Without them we would not get be awarded.

They showed their talent in winning four Gold Prizes in a row in the prestigious National New Sake tasting competitions.